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Busiata lunga – Organic durum wheat semolina pasta – 500 gr

Busiata lunga - Organic durum wheat semolina pasta - 500 gr

The long Busiata of the Minardo pasta factory has the characteristic helical shape, common to the short one, typical of Trapani tradition. Thanks to its extraordinary thickness and its roughness it absorbs the sauce in an exceptional way, perfect for one pasta with sardines to the unique Palermo.

Cooking time: 10 min

Pieces per carton: 15


Bulk deal
Quantity Discount Discounted price
15 10% 3,96
30 10% 3,96
45 10% 3,96

Buy one or more cartons from 15 pieces of long pasta to get a discount of 10% on the cardboard.


Pasta Minardo is made with durum wheat semolina from Ancient Sicilian grains 100% bio. Made in Sicily, Italia, our pasta is handcrafted, with raw materials of the highest quality, to ensure a tasty product, healthy and respectful of the environment.
We only use Russello wheat semolina, for the semolina pasta, or whole wheat semolina Timilia, for wholemeal pasta, because they are rich in nutrients, GMO-free and with an easily digestible gluten.
Our pasta is bronze drawn and slowly dried, a basse temperature, to preserve all the nutritional characteristics.

Contains GLUTEN.

Additional information

Weight 0,5 g

Nutritional values

Energy349 Kcal/1463 KJ

Total fat1,00 g

· Of which saturated fatty acids0,13 g

Total carbohydrates. 72,10 g

· of which sugars10,00 g

Dietary fiber 3,70 g

Proteins 11,30 g

Sale0,001 g


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